The benefits of boarding out your loft -

The benefits of boarding out your loft

The key benefits of investing in boarding out your loft space

Many families are outgrowing their current living space but cannot afford the cost of moving and upgrading to a bigger home, which will cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds. On top of this will be your increased mortgage repayments for your new home, the cost of any renovations required, not to mention the stress and upheaval of moving house.

That’s why so many people are now looking to Lofty Solution to make the most of the available space in their current home, by boarding out their loft and creating more storage space. Here are some key benefits to show why this is such a smart idea!

  1. Lofty Solution can create a vast amount of easy to access storage space for your home.
  2. Clear out those cluttered cupboards and the spare bedroom and claim back your garage by using the loft for storage instead.
  3. The loft is the safest, most secure place in the home for storage – much safer than sheds or garages, which can often be a target for thieves.
  4. Well-built loft storage adds value to your home
  5. Having your loft boarded professionally is an excellent selling point. People often complain about a lack of storage space in modern housing, when you open your loft hatch and show the potential buyer how Lofty Solution has transformed your loft, this could well help sell the house for you.
  6. Making good use of your loft space is much cheaper and less stressful than moving home.
  7. Converting your loft in to storage space is considered to be permitted development and does not require planning permission. This saves time and money when compared to many other home extensions.
  8. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that properly insulating a loft and boarding it out correctly can reduce your heating bills by up to £250 per year.

Why not join the growing numbers of canny home owners whom are choosing to board out, rather than move out? Take a look at our loft storage cost calculator, you will be surprised just how affordable our loft storage solutions are.